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Core Values and Mission

Power Ace Radio is a premier internet radio station based in the UK with a global reach. The station aims to bring people together through the universal language of music. With Artists located worldwide, Power Ace Radio broadcasts a diverse range of genres and styles. The primary language of broadcast is English, creating an inclusive environment for listeners of all ages. The station provides easy access to its broadcasts through a user-friendly website and software applications compatible with various mobile devices. Power Ace Radio also offers a library/request feature, and listeners can support the station’s growth through donations.
Core Values and Mission
Core Values
Power Ace Radio upholds values such as global unity, diversity, and a commitment to providing an engaging and diverse musical experience. The main focus is on music from Independent Artists
Our Mission
The primary mission of Power Ace Radio is to serve as a premier internet radio station that transcends geographical boundaries, bringing people together through the universal language of music.


At Power Ace Radio (PAR), our diverse lineup of shows offers something for every music lover.
Tune in every Sunday at 6 PM for “PAR Meet The Artist,” where we feature interviews and performances from rising stars.
On Saturdays from 10 PM, enjoy the latest tracks with “FM AKA Fresh Music,” and unwind with “Jazz At Night” every Friday from 10 PM, bringing you the best in smooth and soulful jazz.
With these and many more shows, PAR provides a rich and varied listening experience, celebrating music from all genres and corners of the globe.


At Power Ace Radio (PAR), we are dedicated to spotlighting independent artists from around the globe. 
Our platform celebrates the rich diversity of musical talent, providing a stage for emerging and established artists to share their unique sounds with a worldwide audience. 
By featuring music from all corners of the world, PAR fosters a vibrant community where listeners can discover new favorites and artists can gain the recognition they deserve. 
Join us as we amplify the voices of independent artists and bring you the best in global music.`

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  1. Backed by popular demand. This feature is now here.
    Power Ace Radio, is truly the home for Independent Artist.
    Join the family.

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